Cart abandonment is a major villain in online stores. The potential customer is interested in the product, but he abandons the cart before completing the purchase and making the payment. Have you ever wondered why?

There’s nothing more disheartening in the world of e-commerce than an unfinished purchase. With that in mind, we prepared this article for you to know the main reasons that can make the consumer abandon the cart and shopee seller ph.

Knowing these reasons is crucial so that you can implement strategies to decrease the abandonment rate and increase the conversion rate of your online store. Keep reading and check it out!

  1. Shipping Cost Is Too High

It’s a very common problem! Depending on the cost of shipping, the purchase becomes unfeasible. The shipping price should never be higher than the product price, as the consumer will prefer to buy in another virtual store or even in a physical store close to their residence.

  1. Payment Options Are Limited

Another serious problem. At the time of payment, the customer should not feel limited in making the purchase. Even if he wants that product from your store, if he doesn’t have the preferred payment option or even the payment method within his reality, you will lose the sale.

  1. The Price Of The Product Is Too High

Another interesting point is that e-commerce owners should be aware of. The product’s price must be within the reality of the competition to have a chance to compete in the market. A brief survey can indicate whether your product’s price isn’t too high.

  1. Store Navigation Is Confusing

The information must be clear on the page, or the consumer will abandon the purchase – and rightly so. Navigation throughout the store should be simple and intuitive, allowing the consumer to go through all purchase steps until payment confirmation. Confusing navigation does not provide security or credibility and promotes a bad experience for the consumer.

  1. Cannot Save Cart For Later Purchase

Yes, it can happen. Something simple that can make the consumer abandon the cart. Often the person is without their data at the moment and cannot complete the purchase. Offering the option to save the cart for later can reduce the abandonment rate.

  1. Delivery Time Is Too Long

The consumer is eager to buy the product, but when it comes time to calculate the shipping and delivery time, he receives the news that he will only receive the product in 15 days. What a bucket of cold water, isn’t it?


We buy online because we like the ease and convenience of receiving the product at home, but if it takes a long time to be delivered, of course, we will prefer to check the delivery time at another store, even if it is a little more expensive. Delivery time is, in many cases, just as important as the price of the product – sometimes even more so. All these are online selling ideas you should know about.


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