Investing in a residential property is a good idea. But when you are consulting with reputed real estate agents, you will be surprised to notice that the first question coming from every agent is the purpose of your purchase. Also, the agents would like to know more about your lifestyle, the moment you want to look for residential properties. Every property has individual features and serves different purposes for potential buyers. When you are looking for a property that you can use as a mode to make money, the agents can show you bungalows and apartments. But the Condo in Sathorn area [ คอน โด ย่าน สาทร, which is the term in Thai] will be a prime choice if you want to stay.

Supporting the lifestyle

Many of you hate to mow the lawn and even trim the hedges, even though you may like the idea of having a small garden in front of the house. You may not even like the idea of pressure washing the driveway as an activity of regular maintenance work. The condo will be the ideal option in that case, where you can enjoy all the benefits without personally looking after the maintenance of any of these features. Condos tend to work the best if you are comfortable with many aspects of living in the apartments without the maintenance part.

Decide the amenities

The real estate agent will always suggest purchasing the condo if you want access to the variety of amenities. Some condos can offer simple services like snow removal and other maintenance jobs in the common areas, while some condos can have gyms and outdoor grills that you can access too. The condo will be the right option if you like such amenities and services, along with a separate team for maintenance. When working with the realtor, don’t forget to specify the amenities you want.