The wristwatch is a fantastic accessory to help you see the time and still make you look beautiful, right? But, for it to be right on you, not too big or too small, the ideal is to choose yours, taking into account the size of your wrist and other details. Do you want to get some tips to make the right decision?

Measuring Pulse Size

Look, to make the right choice for the watch’s size, it is worth taking a measuring tape and measuring the size of your wrist. When placing the tape, the ideal is to leave a space of 6 millimeters left, which is for the watch not to be so tight on the wrist. Then, follow the model with the rule below:

  • 14 and 16 centimeters – excellent wrist
  • 16 17 centimeters – thin wrist
  • 17 and 18 centimeters – medium wrist
  • Above 18 centimeters – thick wrist

Knowing this is important so that you can find the perfect watch like Rolex day date on the internet! Practical, right?

Watch Display Size

Another part of the clock that needs to be taken into account in the display. As such, men’s watch sizes are typically 38mm to 46mm. And for other wrist sizes? You can follow this rule of thumb: if your wrist is 14 to 18 centimeters, choose a small or medium watch with a diameter of 38, 40, or 42 millimeters.

Now, if your wrist is 18 centimeters or more, it’s worth choosing a larger viewfinder size, like 44 to 46 millimeters.

Bracelet Size

And to choose the ideal watch, you also have to keep an eye on the length of the bracelet. The good thing is that every watch can be adjusted with those bits of holes in the clasp, where you choose what is more attached to the wrist. A tip that helps a lot for this choice is:

  • For female wrists: the size of the bracelet can be from 165 to 189 mm;
  • For male wrists: bracelets from 184 to 197 millimeters are ideal.

It is also worth mentioning that, when talking about bracelet size, it also has to do with its thickness, you know? For example: for those with a thinner wrist, the bracelet must be 6 to 8 millimeters thick, and for thicker wrists, a suitable bracelet is between 8 and 12 millimeters. But if you are looking for a solid and resistant bracelet, models between 14 and 18 millimeters are great.

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