Anyone who owns one or more automatic watches has undoubtedly asked themselves whether they need a watch winder and which one. The answer to these questions depends on the individual watch model and the comfort needs of the wearer. Read more (อ่านต่อ which is the term in Thai) and out which complications a watch winder is recommended and what you should pay attention to when purchasing one.

What Should You Look Out For When Buying A Watch Winder?

Make sure that it can rotate in both directions because not every movement is wound in the same direction. Some are right-hand rotating, and some are left-hand rotating (clockwise or counter-clockwise). However, you don’t have to worry about your automatic watch becoming overwound. Each model has a slipping clutch, which protects the mainspring and thus the entire movement from this.

Another useful function is the “sleep phase.” Like natural wearing behavior, the watch winder rests when you rest at night and does not disturb you with constant noise. Although: high-quality models usually work very quietly and are hardly noticeable.

A classically elegant watch winder for an automatic watch is the following model from Rapport with a shiny lacquer finish. It rotates in both directions, and its mechanism runs almost silently. The control can be regulated in stages and can thus be perfectly adapted to almost all watches on the market today. When it comes to power supply, you can choose between mains and battery operation.


If you wear your automatic watch on your wrist for several hours a day, a watch winder is not necessary. But watch winders are useful from a technical point of view; they also enable very stylish and representative storage of automatic watches. For this reason, the manufacturers of watch winders pay special attention to their appearance.

Anyone who owns a large collection of automatic watches is guaranteed to appreciate the convenience of such a device. Choose the right favorite piece for the day and put it directly on your wrist without time-consuming adjustments.

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