Seeing your child struggling in school can be heartbreaking. Not giving him the right help personally, despite the best of intentions, is just as trying. An excellent way to overcome this problem then seems to resort to tutoring. But what happens at this point to the role of the parent in this new dynamic? How to act and get concretely involved in the process? Here you will find some tips on how to participate in your child’s success actively.

Promote Communication And Exchanges

From the first meeting, take the time to discuss with the tutor since he may have questions for you. He will certainly need to learn about your child’s temperament, first to get to know him better, but also so that you guide the tutor to the best approach to start the sessions. With this exchange, it is the right moment to establish a game plan, which could serve as a guide during the meetings.

Do not hesitate at this time to communicate your expectations regarding tutoring: by making all this clear, misunderstandings and disappointments will be easily avoided!

Establish A Favorable Place For Study And Concentration

For practical sessions, the environment in which they occur is an essential factor, and you can easily set up a dedicated study area at home. Sometimes, for different reasons, home is a more or less suitable place to organize meetings. For a quiet and more neutral place, you can consult the opening hours of the library closest to you and make appointments there. Again, you can also ask the school if space is available after classes.

Trust The Tutor

It is essential to trust the tutor and give him the space to promote a good understanding between your child and him. If his pedagogical approach does not seem suitable enough for the situation, it would be better to talk to him privately in the absence of your child. The exchange with respect for each is once again essential, so be open to the tutor’s approach and suggestions: who knows, maybe you will see things differently after this interview!

Be Motivated And, Above All, Motivating.

You have to play down; there’s no point in panicking! By keeping a positive and reassuring attitude, you will reduce your child’s worries about his difficulties. At first glance, some students may be reluctant to use tutoring. After the first few sessions, discuss if he enjoyed the meeting and ask him to summarize what they saw briefly. Check for Singapore scholarship (ทุน สิงค์ โป ร์ which is the term in Thai)

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