Oxford Benefit Management is really a division of Oxford Health Plans. The aim of OBM would be to provide one-stop searching for brokers, employers, and people of existing Oxford health plans. Through OBM, participants can choose and manage benefit packages including dental and vision plans, health discount dental plans, worker assistance programs, and existence insurance to increase existing health benefit packages. For employers, this particular service is particularly advantageous because it cuts lower on administrative labor hrs for hr departments and hr employees. With the OBM portal, employers can choose niche advantages of numerous vendors under contract or else connected with Oxford or UnitedHealthGroup.

Oxford Health Plans, parents company of Oxford Benefit Management, is a member of UnitedHealth Group, among the largest providers of insurance and healthcare coverage within the U . s . States. As a result, through OBM, employers and insurance brokers can add-on niche coverage possibilities from UnitedHealth Group vendors and firms. A few of the coverage options include:

1. Unimerica Workplace Benefits. Underwriters for Unimerica benefits have been rated A to some with a.Michael. Best or Standard and Poor’s. These niche Oxford health plan services include existence insurance plans for employers to provide employees, along with other services.

2. Optum Health. When a company needs worker assistance programs, Optum Health offers services, referrals, and academic sources both on the internet and off. Whether employees need sources and support for issues in accordance with their kids, taking care of seniors parents, or handling a chronic health problem, OBM people have access to the help offered via Oxford Health Plans’ connection to Optum Health.

3. UnitedHealthCare Vision and Dental plans. Participants in Oxford Health Plans’ OBM program provide employers and brokers with use of UnitedHealthCare Vision and UnitedHealthCare Dental plans. Diets provide employees and participants with 100% coverage of preventative dental hygiene along with other dental benefits. Likewise, vision care is included through UnitedHealthCare vendors for example Sam’s Club, Sterling Optical, along with other national vision health care providers.

4. UnitedHealth Allies. Discounts on LASIK procedures, weight loss, gyms, cosmetic dental work, and lots of other services not covered under traditional medical health insurance plans are supplied to OBM people through UnitedHealth Allies. This niche discount program also features the opportunity to obtain discounts on over-the-counter medications, vitamins, along with other pharmaceutical supplies in the UnitedHealth Allies Marketplace online.

These extra programs, niche coverage plans, and discount programs usually are meant to boost the services provided by Oxford Health Plans, in addition to provide easy control over advantages to further keep costs down to employers and brokers.