Gelatin is made of water, protein, as well as not natural salts. Protein is the primary element; its content reaches around 80% to 90%. The continuing to be elements are primarily moisture, around 8% to 13%, and a small number of inorganic salts, less than 1%.


There is normally more than 20 type of amino acids connected by peptide bonds that make up the healthy protein in gelatin, of which the primary amino acids are proline, glycine, as well as hydroxyproline.


The following is the basic structure:


  • Glycine: 1/3
  • Amino acids, such as proline as well as hydroxyproline: 1/3
  • Proline: 10%
  • Other amino acids: 1/3
  • Does not include or has a percentage of cysteine as well as tryptophan


Kinds of gelatin


There are various means to identify the sorts of gelatin, for example, developing the resources, look, producing procedures, pureness, as well as uses.




The different animal resources, there are marine, porcine, poultry, and bovine gelatin. The initial two are the most common to see out there.


Manufacturing processes


It can be split into an acid method or kind A, alkaline technique or kind B, and chemical types if from the production procedure. Commonly, gelatin originated from pig skin and is described as type A, beef hide sources can be either referred to as kind A or B.


Granular, powder, as well as sheets


Available in the forms of granular, powder, as well as sheets, or leaves.


The granulated and powdered kinds are appropriate to utilize straight in food, combined with other ingredients, or use separately.


The leaves or sheets need to be taken in cool water before use and often cook sufficed into little items. It softens after numerous minutes of soaking, press it, and then blend it with other warm liquid to melt it. Sheets are simple to deal with for chefs as no weighting is needed, which is generally seen in restaurants and resorts.


Seasoned or unflavored


Seasoned or unflavored gelatin, the latter likewise known as plain gelatin which is the pure type while the previous might include sugar, colors, synthetic flavors, and various other ingredients.




Based on various uses, it can likewise be generally divided into edible, photographic, pharmaceutical, as well as commercial quality.