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Is vivalyte good for kids?

It has vital electrolytes that maintain good hydration needed for day-to-day body functions. As Vivalyte contains nutrients such as Sodium, Potassium, and Dextrose, it helps boost my child’s health and vitality.

How much sugar is in vivalyte electrolyte drink?

Per 250 mL Vivalyte Electrolyte Drink Na 230 mg, K 200 mg, total carbohydrates 5 g, sugar 4 g. Per 250 mL Vivalyte Plus Electrolyte Drink Na 228 mg, K 200 mg, Zn 1.9 mg, total carbohydrates 5 g, sugar 4 g. Per 4.6 g Vivalyte Electrolyte Drink Mix Na 184 mg, K 160 mg, total carbohydrates 4 g, sugar 3 g.

Why choose vivalyte signage?

Quality, innovation and flexible service are our key values. We’re continuously working on the newest technologies that deliver strong return on investment. Thanks to many years of dedicated innovation, Vivalyte has successfully built a solid reputation in the signage industry. A lot of energy is still being wasted in lighting.

What is vivalyte dynamic LED panel?

It’s an all-in-one controlling system that helps you manage your different LED installations. If you’re looking to take your advertising or architectural designs to the next level, Vivalyte Dynamic LED panels are the perfect, most cost-effective solution for you.

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