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What is the history of tongali?

The tongali is one of the few nose flutes in the world that is still actively taught, thanks to the work of Jose Maceda at the University of the Philippines and the ongoing effects of the music department of UP Quezon. The tongali is one of numerous traditional instruments that students can study at UP.

What is Tongli known for?

It is known for a system of canals, it has been given the nickname " Venice of the East ". The place retains many of the features of an ancient Wu region town. Tongli is half an hour away from Suzhou city and about two hours from Shanghai by buses.

What is tongkat ali?

Tongkat ali (Eurycoma longifolia) is a tree native to Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

What is tongali flute?

The tongali is a four holed nose flute (one hole in the back) from northern Philippines and played by the Kalinga and other peoples of Luzon.

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