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Sun Drawing

How to draw a realistic Sun?

Drawing a Stylized Sun Step by StepMake a Line Drawing. Similar to the previous example start by drawing a circle. ...Apply Color. Again same as the previous example color the circle of the sun yellow and the rays orange. ...Add Gradient. Using an orange pencil blend the outer edges of the sun with the orange of the sun rays so that the circle looks blurred.Finish the Sun Drawing. Again using an orange pencil create another gradient that leaves a sort of yellow outline around the edges of the sun.

What are some easy beginner drawings?

Tips for Easy Cartoons DrawingYou should always start with the basic shapes. ...Use guidelines for drawing. ...Get inspiration from other artists. ...Squash and stretch parts of the cartoon bodies to fill emotions in them. ...It is totally fine to use some reference materials. ...Always try to push your limits by trying different ideas.Especially cartoons require a clean drawing. ... More items...

How to make sunset drawing?

I propose to draw the sunset in pencil in stages in this way: 1) First, make sketches:First, make sketches:Draw palm trunks:We continue to draw palm trees:Draw the shore:Draw the waves:Add the sun, so it should turn out:We color:

How to draw a sunset step by step?

How to draw sunset step by step:Draw a straight line to depict the border of mountains and land.On the left side start drawing mountain, for this draw a curved bumped line moving left.Draw the mountain of another side in the similar manner you did for the first one.Draw a hidden sun that is setting, for this draw a circle in the way it is hidden on the horizon.In this step draw reflection of the setting sun in the water. To do so, just beneath the sun draw simple zig-zag curved lines in a triangular pattern.To give it a more attractive look draw a palm tree on the island. ...From the tip of the trunk draw several lines in different directions to draw leaves. Draw these lines in pairs and pointed them at the end.Complete all 5 leaves almost in a similar pattern.Draw other details of your sunset landscape. Draw wavy curved lines depicting waves of water. A few birds in the sky using 2 curved lines.

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