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What is Sexercise and how does it work?

Plain and simple, sexercise translates to working up a sweat while you’re doing the best thing ever: Having hot sex! When you’re getting it on, your muscles are working hard to get the blood flowing to all the … um… important areas.

Do positions matter in Sexercise?

It’s helpful to think of sexercise like an intense gym session where you get to bow-chicka-wow-wow. And in the world of sexercise, positions matter. Think about how you get your heart pumping at the gym: Same stuff applies in between the sheets.

What muscles are used during Sexercise?

Depending on how much you are holding yourself up, this can be quite the sexercise for your upper body, core, and legs. Here’s a brag-worthy position. This one will fire up your arm, leg, and core muscles and test your endurance levels.

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