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R1 Yamaha Price Philippines

How many miles is to much for a Yamaha R1?

There are three specific models of Yamaha R1 I’d recommend, plus the most recent one: The original 1998 model: If you can find a clean model at a reasonable price, the original model is a classic and has enough performance to get you into a LOT of trouble. Get it in red/white. Buy this just to look at it, not to ride it.

How much does a Yamaha R1 cost?

What does a Yamaha R1 cost? Pricing and Variants The 2021 Yamaha YZF-R1 has an MSRP of $17,399 whereas the up-spec YZF-R1M, comes in at $26,099. How fast can a YZF R1 go?

Is the Yamaha R1 a good bike?

Updated 1 year ago · Author has 496 answers and 1M answer views. Yeah, totally. It’s got good brakes, suspension, and handling. It’s made to a high quality. If maintained properly, it’s totally capable of doing all kinds of things many other bikes aren’t able to. The bike itself, is absolutely totally safe.

How much does Yamaha R1 weigh?

Weight The R1 hits the scales at 439 pounds wet, 15 pounds lighter than last year’s model. The R1M, despite having its carbon fiber fairings, weighs in slightly heavier at 443 pounds. That’s...

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