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Oral Prophylaxis

What is dental prophylaxis and how does it work?

AgeOral healthRisk for diseaseIf you already have signs of oral diseaseDiscomfort in your mouth

Why take amoxicillin before dental work?

The reason why a dental patient may need to take an antibiotic before their treatment is primarily due to the risk of oral biofilm entering the blood supply through the mouth, as it’s being disrupted by the dentist or hygienist. For medically compromised individuals, there is a risk of the biofilm transferring itself into the blood vessels, heart, or elsewhere in the body.

Who needs dental prophylactic antibiotics?

Patients at risk of developing infective endocarditis or infection of a prosthetic joint may require antibiotic prophylaxis during dental treatment. Current guidelines recommend prophylaxis less often than in the past. This is because of concerns about antimicrobial resistance and an increased understanding about the daily incidence of bacteraemia.

Should you take antibiotics before dental work?

Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and other autoimmune disorders for which infection can trigger sometimes severe inflammation of the jointsPeople with hemophilia (a bleeding disorder) or insulin-dependent (type 1) diabetes who are at increased risk of blood-borne infectionsImmune-compromised individuals. ... More items...

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