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Matagal In English

What are the English words for Matagal?

English words for matagal include long, sustained, lingering, long time, slow and last. Find more Filipino words at wordhippo.com!

What does Matagal na Kitang Hinahanap mean?

However, it is commonly used to describe a situation that has “taken a long time”. Matagal na kitang hinahanap. Opo sir, matagal na po akong nagtatrabahao dito.

What does Matagal malutò Ang adobo mean?

Matagál malutò ang adobo. Adobo takes a while to be cooked. Matagál mapatáy ang apóy. It takes a long time to extinguish the fire. Matagál siyá bago nakatayô. It took a while before he could stand up. Matagál na kamíng naghíhintáy sa iyó. We have been waiting for you for quite a while.

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