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Japanese Bike

What is the best Japanese bike?

Mizutani (ミズタニ自転車株式会社) (Tokyo) (Established in 1924)NagasawaNakagawa (Osaka)NakamichiNishiki (U.S. brand, earlier as American Eagle, manufactured by Kawamura)NokoOnoOtomo (produced several OEM bikes for different brands)Panasonic / NationalPegasus (Chofu, Tokyo) More items...

How to buy a bike in Japan?

Riding while carrying an umbrella, listening to an iPod, or talking on the phone are prohibited; violators can face a fine of up to ¥500,000All bikes are required to have a bell and a headlamp (if riding at night)It is illegal to ride tandem bicycle (except in Nagano) [ Read more about the tandem riding rule] More items...

Do most people in Japan ride bikes?

In Japan bicycles are widely used as an alternative to motorcars. A lot of people use them to ride to the train stations. In nowadays more and more Japanese are taking up bicycling to work for health reasons and to avoid traffic jams and crowded trains.

How to park your bicycle in Japan?

Drunk bicycle riding is prohibited.Riding double on a bicycle is also prohibited in Japan. ...In some areas, it is also prohibited to ride a bicycle while carrying an umbrella during rainy seasons.Talking on the phone or listening to music while riding a bicycle is prohibited. More items...

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