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Igco Milk

What is igco colostrum?

IgCo is a functional health drink and is the first colostrum food in the Philippines. It is 100% natural colostrum blended with skim milk from New Zealand. Each box of IgCO Colostrum contains 30 sachets and and each sachet contains 150mg IgG.

What is unique about igco?

What is unique about IgCO? IgCO comes from New Zealand where the air and water are pure, and the New Zealand cows are not fed antibiotics, hormones and otherunnatural products.

Can I drink igco If I have a cow’s milk allergy?

No, persons with proven cow’s milk allergies should not drink IgCo. But it is important to know that lactose intolerance is not the same as cow’s milk allergy.

How do you take igco?

May be taken with or without food: Mix 1 sachet of milk powd in a glass of luke warm water (50°C & below). Do not use hot water. View IgCo description for details of the chemical structure and excipients (inactive components). V06DA - Carbohydrates/proteins/minerals/vitamins, combinations ; Used as general nutrients.

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