The rotating bezel is a proper additional function with which various things can be read, although it is not a technical complication. This “case function” can be used for multiple types of clocks. We present a selection of them here.

The Rotating Bezel On GMT Watches

This is sometimes displayed on a 24-hour scale on the bezel for watches with a second time zone. One example is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II ‘Batman’ with a blue and black bezel. The bezel of the GMT-Master II ‘Batman’ is scratch-resistant ceramic and can be turned on both sides. With the help of the bezel and the central blue pointer, the wearer can read off a second-time zone.

The Rotating Bezel On Diving Watches

The rotating ring is most often found on diving watches, where it can usually only be moved in one direction. The diver reads the remaining dive time on the rotating bezel. Before diving, the diver places the luminous point on the diving bezel on the minute hand. During the dive, he can read how long he has been underwater.

If the bezel can only be rotated in one direction, it is ensured that the diving time can only be shortened but never extended if the diver accidentally hits something. Ideally, this rotating ring is so handy that it can be adjusted even with gloves and has a luminous point and a continuous minute division for readability underwater.

In the Aqua timer models from IWC, the inner rotating ring with the scale for the diving time is controlled via the outer bezel. The scale only rotates when the bezel is turned counterclockwise for safety reasons. This also ensures that the displayed dive time is not extended.

On the T1 from the Frankfurt watch brand Sinn, you have to press down the bezel at two opposite points before you can turn it. Sinn calls its rotating bezel captive. It is not just plugged on as usual but secured with screws on the side so that it cannot jump off in the event of an impact.

This is located between the movable lugs that connect the leather-rubber strap to the case. At noon, a hinged stainless-steel element fixes the bezel after setting and prevents it from twisting. Click here to buy rolex watches (ซื้อ นาฬิกา rolex which is the term in Thai)

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