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What do you think about chishiya?

Chishiya is also a manipulative player, as he is seen using other people for his own benefit. He tends to have a sharp tongue towards others despite staying in the background of most situations. He's very observant as well, which he utilizes to his greatest ability. Niragi once mentioned that his eyes are irritatingly condescending.

Who is chishiya in Naruto?

Chishiya first appears when Ryōhei Arisu and Daikichi Karube participate in their second game, the Five of Spades, in the Borderland. As everyone else is tensely waiting in the lobby; he’s leaning back, charging his phone, listening to music.

Is chishiya afraid of death?

No — he fears death. He flees when the tagger unexpectedly tries to kill him and Arisu. However, he tries his best to remain fearless when living in Borderland. Chishiya can remain a patient, rational strategist throughout all the survival games he participates in because he has a practical, dark view of humanity.

Who is Shuntarō chishiya?

" Shuntarō Chishiya is a character that appears early in the story. He’s a cunning medical student who would unscrupulously sacrifice other people to achieve his own goal. Chishiya has long, slightly messy light-coloured hair and sharp features with a distinctive mole under his left eye.

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